Thursday, October 13, 2011

[DJMax]PTfluffy: A DJMax Online Note Chart Converter

This is my first ever Python program. When I say first ever, I mean first ever: I had not written a word in Python before, not even a "Hello World" demo. It simply occurred to me that I should probably learn a modern programming language that is not Javascript, and Python seemed to be an easy choice. And what better project are there, other than a complete rewrite of something I did years ago (in VB6, no less)?

This is a simple tool that takes a .pt note chart file from DJMax Online, digests it, and spit out a .bms/.bme file for use in bemani simulators (such as LunaticRave, O2Mania, and the likes), or a .csv file containing all the data mined from the note chart for further analysis. It does not unpack .pak files; for that you have to look elsewhere.

Head over to my Google Site to grab a copy of the code and tinker yourself.

Oh, and one more thing: I'm in love with Python's lists.