Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The "i-Slate". No, not the mysterious Apple tablet

There's a current hype around the name "iSlate". Apparently (or at least according to what people suggests), Apple is going to release a tablet computer/oversized iPhone/whatever under that name. One clue to this is that Apple supposedly bought the domain name back in 2007. For more rumors about the iSlate you can go here.

But here I would like to point you to another "i-Slate", a small, handheld, tablet-computer-like educational device target. Points to note include: it's powered by a photovoltaic cells, therefore grid-independent; it's a dedicated device and does not have an OS; it uses low-power chips made from "probabilistic complementary metal-oxide semiconductors" (which means the chips don't do exact calculations but make approximates); and it's cheap (projected cost less than $40).

The creator of the i-Slate is IEEE Fellow Krishna Palem, a compsci professor at Rice.

See the original article here.

I wonder whether there will be trademark issues for Apple just like when Cisco had the "iphone" trademark...

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